Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • C and I tidied and organized 6 shelves in her bedroom yesterday.
  • D has finished the third set of Bob phonics books and is starting the fourth.
  • From D's report card, I see that his pre-K class was covering the rainforest, the African savannah, the desert, caves and volcanoes. The kids studied all 26 single letter phonograms. D brought home a 3D cactus project (green construction paper with rice for spines).
  • I was just going through C's composition book from school and found her handwritten copy of the first verse of William Wordsworth's The Daffodils.
  • D did the Lowes stock car project today (they have free kids' workshops on Saturday morning). C was sick and had to stay home, but they sent a kit home for her with my husband and D, which was very nice.
  • My husband set up C with a 4th grade test from Math League. C got 19 out of 30 right, and finished well ahead of time (it's a 30 minute test). Oddly, the official rules allow calculators. It's a very attractive test with very cute illustrations. C was balky the last time we tried something similar on her, but this time (with a 10 cent prize for each correct answer) she showed a lot more enthusiasm. My husband and I would eventually like the kids to be involved with math and science competitions (which may require starting a club at school), so we are in the process of figuring out which organizations have the best stuff.
  • I spent probably about 90 minutes today picking branches and bark off the lawn in 90 degree weather. The larger branches go to our neighbors down the street, who have an insatiable appetite for roasted marshmallows and such.
  • For dinner, we used a kung pao chicken mix from the store. You mix up a sauce (adding water, brown sugar, soy sauce and peanuts) and add it to your fresh chicken in a steamer bag, then cook them in the microwave. I served it with whole wheat spaghetti noodles and microwaved frozen broccoli, plus a plate with the usual cilantro and green onions. I was hoping to make chicken with my favorite Thai peanut sauce mix, but it's suddenly hard to find. We should probably place a mail order soon for Asian stuff (Thai curries, etc.).

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