Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Matsaman curry

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • Dinner tonight was ersatz Thai. My husband and I cooked chicken in matsaman curry (with coconut milk, crushed peanuts, brown sugar, fish sauce and some kaffir lime leaves and lots of grated fresh gingerroot). Toward the end, we added water chestnuts and microwaved frozen broccoli to the curry. My husband and I had ours over semi-transparent rice noodles. I set the now traditional plate of chopped cilantro and lemon and lime wedges on the table, for people to help themselves to. We also garnished our plates with extra peanuts. I think this dinner would be delicious with coconut ice cream. Our curry made enough that there will definitely be enough for lunch tomorrow, if we can avoid eating it tonight. The matsaman curry recipe on the curry paste package suggested cooking potatoes in the curry. That sounds good, too, although with potatoes it sounds like more of a cold weather meal--transparent noodles are more summery. As you can see, we are drifting toward throwing all available Thai ingredients into every meal, but the results have been very good.
  • This afternoon, D read 6 Bob books from the second boxed set of the phonics series. He did very well. We'd had a couple of false starts this afternoon with the other boxed sets. At this level, the Bob books are easier and more confidence-building.
  • The kids have been thinking about how to decorate their future rooms. C would like to decorate her next room with horses on the walls, while D is sticking to his earlier plan of having an undersea themed room, perhaps with an octopus.

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