Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kite update

My husband and the kids are working from the model provided by this site:

The resulting kite will be 36" tall and 33" wide. My husband had C do calculations ("real world math") for the string. They started with 500' of kite string. Each kite needed about 10' for its frame, so they were left with 480' of kite string. C divided 480' in two, arriving at 240' for each kite. They put two stakes in the ground 24' apart outdoors and C was responsible for measuring out the string and counting her loops around the stakes. My husband had bought only one commercial winder, which came with the 500' of string. For the second winder, he cut a length of bamboo from his stash. We were concerned that the kids would argue over the winders, but as it happened, C preferred the bamboo winder.

The kite frames are ready, but they are as yet just bare skeletons.

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