Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The kids talk

D: I'm happy being a loser!

C: Some people are like that.

My husband took D out this morning while my husband was making arrangements for a star night that he will be running out at the wetlands. While they were out, I took a long walk with my Sense and Sensibility audio book and got to see that there is major work underway at the president's house (lots of new sod going in). That's not surprising. What is very surprising is that there's also work going on at the house across from us. The couple that lived there is moving or has moved out, and I had become reconciled to having two empty houses facing us across the street, not to mention all the other empty houses in the neighborhood that I notice on my evening walks. It didn't seem at all likely that the college would put in a new renter for only a year. Imagine my surprise when I saw a crew going in and out, and a pick up with a full load of carpet padding and beige carpet parked outside. Very curious. There's another neighbor at the opposite end of the street who is also moving out, and I will be curious to see if the college puts a renter in there, too.

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