Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ginger tofu

Here's some of what's been happening today:
  • D had a fever of 99.9, which precluded his going to the pre-K pool party. As of today, he's done for the school year (C has one more half day tomorrow). D read 10 Bob phonics books for me today. He alternated reading with jumping on the trampoline. After each completed phonics book, he also got to choose one piece from the bag of tiny plastic LEGO components that my husband ordered for him. He was very eager and is now in the third box of Bob books.
  • This morning D said, "I don't want to spend my day in jammies."
  • This evening, I was exploring the question of whether it is possible to use too much fresh gingerroot. Dinner was last night's matsaman curry with chicken (reserved mainly for the children), freshly-made Thai rice (it's a lot stickier than the Indian rice), microwaved frozen carrots, and (mostly for us grownups) tofu fried with LOTS of chopped gingerrot and simmered in half a bottle of sweet and sour sauce. The ginger tofu reminded me a lot of hot and sour soup, but as I said, I was exploring the borderlands between yummy amounts of gingerroot and way too much. I was trying my hardest to avoid bland tofu, and things got out of hand. At dinner, I gave the kids each a small portion of the tofu, with instructions to be careful about the chunks of ginger. Interestingly, C (while continuing to deplore tofu) thought the cooked gingerroot very tasty.

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