Friday, May 7, 2010

Even more new neighbors

Here's some of what's been happening:
  • I saw a moving truck across the street this morning, and it wasn't for the new neighbors I mentioned before. This is for yet another new family. I wrote down our particulars on a piece of paper and went out to join the swarm of old neighbors greeting the new family, which turns out to have three little kids and bikes, a sandbox, an easel, a picnic bench, etc. And this isn't all, either. Our best-informed old neighbor informed the rest of us that there are going to be a couple more new families moving in. Given that the destruction of our neighborhood is supposed to start in a year, the college is putting a lot of effort into this.
  • C is home sick today.
  • D says, "I wonder if there is a country that has no cats."
  • I've finished watching Autism: The Musical and am watching the extras. In the documentary itself, at one point a middle-aged Jewish woman asks, "What does gefilte actually mean?"
  • We also finished watching The Goebbels Experiment, which is a film that juxtaposes extracts from Goebbels' diary and documentary material (including home movies showing the adorable, doomed children). Nearly all of the time, Goebbels seems like a very ordinary guy--a skinny, high-strung guy with a bad complexion and a bum foot. Although he's painfully sincere and idealistic about the Nazi project, you also see him joking at parties and enjoying a night on the town with Goering in Paris and getting called on the carpet by his wife for a liaison with an actress. You get a very similar feeling from Downfall about the ordinariness of Hitler, although that's not a documentary.
  • On Wednesday night, my husband came home with a nice haul of bamboo poles. Someone was getting rid of a bamboo plantation. The original bamboo poles were about 25 feet long, but my husband cut them down to about 9 feet for transport via our Taurus.

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