Sunday, May 2, 2010

Double chickpeas

After several days of illness and several dinners at home, one Chinese delivery dinner and a couple nights of sandwiches or canned soup, we hit bottom today and had to cook. I put brown rice in the rice cooker and heated up Patak's korma sauce (a slightly spicy coconut sauce) with one can of garbanzo beans, some pineapple chunks, and a small can of water chestnut slices. My husband stirred up a batch of Sadaf's falafel mix and deep fried the little "meatballs" in so much oil and with so much verve that we had a small kitchen fire. The falafel looked and tasted right, although it may have needed slightly cooler oil in order to cook through, and it looked lonely without its usual friends. My husband had his with a tortilla. I also served microwaved frozen broccoli and some fresh cilantro from my patio garden, so it was a more or less respectable Stuff White People Like dinner. (Speaking of which, I just did a search for "falafel" and "Middle Eastern food" on SWPL, and inexplicably, there were no entries. However, Hummus turned out to be #112. SWPL says, "All white people like hummus. In fact, if you find a white person who does not like hummus then they probably just haven't tasted it or they are the wrong kind of white person." As soon as I finished typing that, I immediately put hummus on my grocery shopping list.) C, like her father, enjoyed the korma sauce (I, however, believe that coconut is a dessert item and needs to stay out of the main course). Neither child liked the falafel. After dinner, C told me, "Too bad we didn't have any chicken." Expect more dinner blogging soon. The cafeterias close for a couple of weeks in the summer.

C was enjoying Cake Wrecks today. They have occasionally inappropriate items, but it is a source of much innocent amusement. C was telling me, "There's a site called Tomatoes Are Evil. You should check it out sometime." C has just started listening to a Libravox recording of Swiss Family Robinson. After we washed her hair tonight, we did a little bit of internet shopping together (it had slipped my mind that it was Sunday--we don't do recreational shopping on Sunday in our family). C needs a new lunch box, so we picked out a dolphin/undersea lunch box. She asked me to look for a horse coloring book, so I consulted with her and ordered a Dover horse coloring book, a small horse sticker book, and a Melissa and Doug horse stamp set, all for C to buy from me.

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