Monday, May 24, 2010

Dinner blues and science enrichment ideas

Here are a few things that are going on:
  • We are cruising toward the end of the month with less and less grocery money. The good news is that the fridge is full. The bad news is that it's full of ingredients, not food.
  • D now has an appointment with a pediatric gastroenterologist at a children's hospital in the big city for next week. We got a referral from our local pediatrician.
  • My husband has been showing C Scratch, the children's programming environment. He's concerned that the summer gifted program that C does doesn't have enough science in the upper grades. I talked to the director about this as I was dropping off a check for C's registration. She said that there are a couple of difficulties. First, it's hard to find science teachers for the program. Second, it's hard to get the facilities, especially now that the college has new science equipment and is very protective of it. She suggested that my husband could even teach a course if he were interested. I emailed the director with a list of ideas today. My husband thinks that a philosophy grad student could teach a logic puzzle course and he himself could do either a kids' programming course (like Scratch) or an astronomy course, perhaps with the kids building telescopes (materials would cost about $100 apiece). My husband won't be free to do this until probably summer 2012, which is coincidentally around the time that C will be moving out of the elementary program and into the 4th/5th grade program.

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