Tuesday, May 4, 2010

D reads Cool Cats

This morning, D chose to do four Cool Cats phonics books (#4-7). I think they are my favorite very early phonics set. As before, D punctuated his reading efforts with bouncing sessions on the trampoline. It's about time to see if I can get C to part with her Dr. Seuss collection. UPDATE: I mentioned this plan to D and he wasn't interested. "Is Dr. Seuss too scary or too weird?" I asked. "Too weird," said D.

When I taught C to read, I believe we went through the five Bob Book sets and then went through various other sets. We used multiple Clifford phonics box sets and multiple Dora box sets, as well as one Nemo, one Backyardigans and the Cool Cats. The characters are about a year below D's current interests, but suited C very well when I was working on her when she was 4. There are probably a lot more options these days, but I'm going to try to work with what I've got. On reflection, I think that I shouldn't have gone straight through the Bob sets with C, since they get hard really fast. The quantity of text increases greatly and I remember that C and I really sweated our way through the upper levels of the boxed sets (although she was very eager to work, knowing that she'd get a My Little Pony or the equivalent at the end of each boxed set). My current thinking is that D and I should go through all the available lower-level books before moving up.

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