Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chicken with peanut sauce

We are starting the summer cafeteria blackout right now. Tonight's dinner was reasonably successful. I made brown rice in the rice cooker and my husband browned chicken and combined Taste of Thai's peanut sauce mix with coconut milk and then added the peanut sauce to the chicken. I microwaved frozen stir fry vegetables (minimally, so as not to make them mushy) and then added them to the pan with the peanut sauce and chicken. I crushed peanuts and put a dish of them on the table, as well as a serving dish with sliced lemons, green onion and cilantro for everybody to garnish their dinner with as they chose. It was an excellent dinner, although I should probably have cut up two lemons, because lemon juice brightens the flavors up quite a bit. It was also reasonably fast. The only unfortunate thing is that between the chicken (almost $8), the peanut sauce mix (about $3), coconut milk ($2???), frozen vegetables ($2???), and various odds and ends (the rice, peanuts, lemon, cilantro and green onions) it probably cost upwards of $17 to cook. On the other hand, we didn't have to field questions like "Where's the chicken?" as the children suspiciously poked their plates with a fork. They did that last night when my husband made a tofu/egg/veggie stir fry served with aromatic Thai rice.

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