Sunday, April 18, 2010

What the kids want to be when they grow up

Here are a few notes from today:
  • C would like to be a marine biologist. D wants to be an astronomer and study comets.
  • My husband told D about the new treatment for color blindness and D is interested.
  • Today, D learned to ride his bike without training wheels and my husband took both kids to ride on the big campus loop today. D is still shaky on take-off, but this was only his third training session.
  • I did 4 miles and 82 minutes of Pride and Prejudice on the gym treadmill this afternoon. Mr. Collins has come to meet the Bennets. Mary Bennet and he would have been perfect together. Why did Charlotte Lucas have to get him?
  • C and I went to Mass today at the campus Catholic center because D was indisposed. C walked the 15 or 20 minutes there with barely any rest or complaint. After Mass, I saw some t-shirts for sale in the foyer as part of a fundraiser for some mission or parish or somesuch. The most eye-catching one had a large Corona beer logo with the word "Corona" replaced with "Catholic." Here is the t-shirt, or one very much like it (the site says that the shirt is extremely popular). There's quite a bit of truth in advertising in the parody t-shirt, but I have to wonder what our Baptist brethren make of it.

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