Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday roundup

Here's what's been happening:
  • D worked on his book talk for pre-K today. He will be presenting The Poky Little Puppy tomorrow. I filled out the book talk form for him. One of the questions asks what your favorite part of the story is. His favorite part is when the puppies finally get their dessert after filling in a hole under the fence.
  • C and D continue to play school. C is surprisingly engaging as a teacher and keeps her subjects short and D is likewise surprisingly happy as her student.
  • There was a fiesta this evening on campus. I was at the gym, doing 76 minutes uphill on the treadmill for 3.75 miles and listening to Pride and Prejudice, but my husband took the kids there. There was lots of Mexican folk dancing (C will be dancing in a similar school performance in about a month), a moon bounce (my kids as usual outstay all other kids) and an assortment of Mexican sweets. We don't care for the tamarind paste candies (much too tart), but the coconut candies dyed in the colors of the Mexican flag were very yummy.
  • I've been looking over the brochure for the new school building and I am very impressed. Currently, grades PK-10 rent space from a downtown church, but as the high school grows, things are getting tight, and there is more of a need for specialized space (for instance for the sciences). The current plan is to adapt a commercial building across the street from the church to create a school for grades 7-12. There will be 10 classrooms (including a science lab, an outdoor lab space, and an art room), a library, and a multi-purpose lunch/performance space. Basically, a real school. I knew that the school eventually planned to build, but I expected it to move to the outskirts of town, rather than building downtown. For a variety of reasons, there is plenty of land downtown. The new school will be very good for downtown, and I hope it will be good for the school community as well. There's a donor who is willing to match $500,000, so that's the fundraising goal. For such an ambitious building, that sounds cheap, but when you divide it by the small number of families (there are around 225 kids total), it sounds really expensive. For the time being, I think we should split our charitable giving evenly three ways between our parish, our local branch of Caritas, and the school building fund. I don't think of helping to pay for the school that our kids will go to as charity, strictly speaking, but hopefully we will be contributing to something that will be there long after the kids have moved on.
  • Lastly, I was reflecting earlier today on the fact that if we buy a house next year, I will be the same age that my mom was when my parents built their house, and C will be likewise almost exactly the same age that I was, while D will be a year older than my sister was. I didn't plan it this way, but there it is.

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