Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday roundup

Here's what's been happening:
  • C has read Mary Poppins in the Park, Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane and Eloise: The Ultimate Edition (a collection of four Eloise stories).
  • C has been studying ancient Egypt in her 2nd grade history, and her class has gotten custody of the Playmobil pyramid set from the other 2nd grade class. C really, really wants one. It is absurdly expensive ($105) and not super educational, so we've just told C to save up her money and we will be looking for a used or cheaper one (if she's still interested at that point).
  • D has been saving the lids and the rings from Odwalla juice bottles, which come in an interesting assortment of colors. Both kids have just started a collection of pull tabs from aluminum cans.
  • My husband was working with D on his bike this afternoon, and D was able to keep his balance independently for about ten yards. I gave him a point for his efforts. D needs just a few more sessions to be able to ride his bike.
  • D was enjoying the Wii feature that allows you to spin the globe and check the weather around the world.
  • D announced today that he thinks he's too big to get points for having a dry night (currently, he is supposed to get two points a day for a dry night, and one point for dressing himself in the morning--he's probably been dry for months now). However, he quickly repented. We have proposed an alternate payment scheme: one point for a dry night, one point for dressing himself in the morning and one point for putting on his pajamas at night.
  • C dropped her digital camera at the zoo and broke it. Subsequently, my husband said something about how he's always wanted a broken camera, and he's been tinkering with it for a couple days. It contains many teensy, tiny screws. At some point today, I heard him calling the children. "Hey, kids! Do you want to see what C's camera looks like inside?" The operation was not successful (he got everything to work except the picture taking part of the camera), but he is thinking of buying another broken camera and continuing to try to fix it. As I sometimes say, when the Apocalypse comes, I'm glad he'll be on my team.

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