Monday, April 26, 2010


D wore a long-sleeved button-down shirt, a green vest, black pants and black mocs to school for today's free dress day. He's my little Alex P. Keaton. Unfortunately, I got a call from school around 11 AM this morning, saying that he was sitting in the office with pinkeye waiting to be picked up. We got him to the pediatrician this afternoon and got prescription eye drops for him. It's going to be a 5-day course of treatment and the doctor says he could go back to school as soon as he started the eye drops. The only remaining question in my mind is, who else is going to get pinkeye?

In other news, D has been enjoying watching The Electric Company. We got a thank you letter from for the kids' donations. Ordinarily, I very much dislike seeing small donations come back to me in the form of junk mail, but I think it's nice for the kids to get some feedback and reinforcement. I left the illustrated brochure from Heifer on C's bed for her to see after she got home from school. D says that next time, he wants to give ducks, and he wanted to know how they ship the ducks.

My exercise streak continues. I did 101 minutes and 5 miles on an incline on the gym treadmill this evening and finished listening to Pride and Prejudice. My weight has barely budged at all, but I'm sure all this exercise is good for me

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