Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mostly Saturday

Here's what's been happening:
  • Yesterday, my husband was out nearly all evening for a speaker dinner, so, running short of interesting activities, I pulled out my jewelry box for the kids. The kids particularly liked my amber stuff (a necklace, four pairs of earrings, and a broach), which was acquired in Russia and Poland. All my jewelry is a relic from my teens and early 20s and I haven't opened that jewelry box in two or three years. Today I was promising C that when she is 10 or 11, I will let her have some of my jewelry. D was in the high chair listening. "What about me?" he said. I told him that men don't wear much jewelry besides wedding bands, usually (although now that I think of it, gold chains are popular elsewhere in the country). In the interests of fairness, my husband has ordered D some large Baltic amber beads on ebay (10 for $5) for D to buy from us. My husband thinks that they will be just the thing for Stretchy the dragon, who now lives in a pink Little People house in D's room and has recently acquired a Playmobil Noah's Ark for his personal use. My husband also said that amber is nice to have for science experiments.
  • Today D and I finished sifting and organizing his room. We did two toy boxes and two closets and most of his remaining toddler toys have been sent to storage, our Craigslist/Salvation Army box or the trash. The resulting room is very spare and grownup looking, although truth be told, D still sleeps in a crib under a baby blanket. We'll get him a big boy bed next year, and he says that he'd like sea-themed bedding like C. D has been very eager to work on his room, which is nice for me, although weird for a 5-year-old boy.
  • You may be wondering how it is that C's been reading so much. Mostly, I've just been going to the library, keeping a stock of books on hand, and putting one next to her bed for her to read in the morning and evening. On school mornings, I usually hand her a book to read to help her wake up before breakfast. I don't know exactly what C gets out of her reading since she bristles at being quizzed. It's both difficult to get her started on a book, and difficult to get her to stop reading when it's time to do something else.

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