Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Here are some things that have been happening:
  • Yesterday, I did 80 minutes (4 miles) on the treadmill at an incline. Mr. Collins has proposed to Elizabeth Bennet and been rejected and the Bingleys have left for London.
  • D says, "I bet dad doesn't like grading."
  • This morning, I got two emails for babysitting gigs. Babysitting gig #1 is for a graduate family with a toddler and an infant and the family may or may not need me in the fall. It would be pro bono. Babysitting gig #2 is for a faculty family with a new baby. Things are still developing and it's not clear how many paid hours will be involved, but it looks like I may be able to offset the fact that we will be spending $1,000 a month on school tuition starting in July (we currently spend $792 a month with D only in 3 day pre-K). Taxes take a lot of the fun out of this, of course.

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