Friday, April 23, 2010

Midweek holiday

Yesterday, the kids had school off for a day of service which coincided with a day off at the college for day-long carnival/concert. There was a free lunch for campus folk, innumerable step dance groups (step is almost too athletic to work as a dance), a dog show with lots of dressed-up doggies, an inflatable where contestants hook up to a bungee cord and see how far they can toss a bean bag onto a velcro strip (I saw a couple little girls get snapped back by the bungee cord and then lose their balance), a booth where College Republicans invited contestants to "pop the ballooning deficit" (i.e. balloons), a gentle horse for petting and photographs, a water balloon booth where a young man obligingly allowed himself to be splatted by the kids (in fact, moved into the line of fire), a cancer awareness booth with hula hoops and a sorority tie-dye shirt fundraiser. C made a shirt at the tie-dye station (they said to let it sit for 24 hours) and we just unwrapped it and I've put it into the washing machine on cold. C deplores the white areas on the shirt and wishes there were more yellow, but didn't take me up on my offer to give the shirt to D.

Later in the afternoon, we all went to Percy Jackson & The Olympians (that's a very spoilerish trailer, so beware) at the $1.25 theater. I know some people (especially those who had read the book) didn't like it, but I did. The teen characters (the Harry Potterish white boy, the girl power sidekick, and the wise-cracking black kid--who are all three exactly as flat as this description suggests) aren't very engaging, and I thought the Olympians very bland. However, the film has many enjoyable mythological surprises on the kids' roadtrip/quest across the US.

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