Thursday, April 15, 2010

House report

In less than a year, we will probably be buying a house. I haven't yet called up a realtor, not wanting to get a new best friend for the next year, particularly since prices are still slowly dropping. At least the way things currently stand, the longer we wait, the better deal we'll get. We would still like to live near campus, but it's not looking good. As I mentioned, there's only one house that I know of for sale in the other faculty neighborhood, and it's in the low $400s. The next closest "nice" neighborhood is the historic one near downtown that I often talk about. The two main issues in the historic neighborhood are high price and a possible shortage of other families with children. Yet further out from campus (but in established middle class city neighborhoods where the streets tend to have "Lake" in their names), homes are quite reasonably priced. That would be my third choice. Both choices #2 and #3 would eventually involve the purchase, feeding, insuring, and maintenance of a second car, which we are not excited about.

This morning I was being a bit more analytical than usual and I wrote out a list of all of the homes for sale in category #2 (the historic neighborhood) on that are priced below $300k and that have are at least 3BR/2BA. There are 11 houses on my list: $120k, $123k, $140k, $150k, $165k, $200k, $238k, $240k, $240k, $249k, $265k. There's a definite location difference between the homes in the $100s and the homes in the $200s, except for that one 1920s cottage at $165k that just appeared on the market. Most of these houses have been for sale for a very long time and I first got to know them a year or two years ago when their prices were much higher than they are today.

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