Tuesday, April 27, 2010

C does math

The kids are saving up for a Zoobmobile Cruiser, which is a motorized supplement to the snap-together Zoob construction set they already have. They'll need $31. C is particularly zealous. This evening, she spent her time before bed working on her Kumon Grade 3 Geometry & Measurement. She did 12 pages tonight, which works out to $3. She did some work with place value up to the ten millions, an intro to fractions, and then some more complicated problems (a length of 1 is divided into 7 equal parts, and 4 parts are kept; this fraction has a denominator of 6 and a numerator of 3). As I've said before, I like these Geometry & Measurement workbooks a lot. They are visually interesting, offer a nice variety of problems, and don't beat any particular type of problem to death. Also, C likes them. "It looks like there's going to be capacity in here!" she said almost excitedly while paging through the problems on liquid volume.

D was pushing his critters around in a pink doll stroller this morning. His dragons are favorite passengers. Now that I think of it, I can't remember either of the kids ever using the doll stroller for dolls.

I saw quite a few surveyors in our neighborhood today, and on a walk later, I noticed new spots of orange paint on trees and sidewalks. We (and some of our neighbors) are going to ask the college to reconsider their demolition plans, but we have very little chance of prevailing. I think the campus suffers a lot from the fact that the faculty are almost all commuters and have very little invested in the college neighborhood. This is a town that is dominated economically and physically by the college, without being a "college town". Instead of fostering the sort of vibrant commercial district near campus that a college town has, the college is in the process of nibbling away at the existing retail and restaurants (which is admittedly, nothing to write home about). A Quiznos and a pretty good Thai restaurant have disappeared (the Thai restaurant fortunately reappeared downtown) and my hairdresser tells me that the college now owns the IHOP building (although as far as I know, the IHOP is still operating). I really don't understand the decision-making process here and it's hard for me to believe that the same decisions would be made if more faculty and staff lived near campus.

I walked instead of going to the gym this evening and started listening to Sense and Sensibility. The fireflies have just started appearing. We have the green ones.

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