Thursday, April 29, 2010


C's fever peaked at 104.7 degrees today, but I kept it down fairly well with Children's Motrin and plied C with ice water. She'll be seeing the doctor tomorrow. She went to bed in the afternoon, wrapped herself up in her comforter and rested with her fifth Harry Potter under her head. She seemed better this evening, although her temperature was high again. D is starting to get sick, too.

I listened to more of Sense and Sensibility this evening while taking a walk. The Dashwoods have relocated and Marianne has fallen hard for Willoughby. There are some beautiful scents that waft from back yards this time of year, but I'm not sure what trees or bushes are responsible. I'd like a scratch-and-sniff garden catalogue for when we have a house.

My husband is working to build a telescope for a friend. He says his carpentry rule is "Measure four times, cut twice."

We don't have cable TV, just static, our own video collection, Netflix by mail, and Netflix movies via the internet and the Wii. That's quite bad enough, especially the Netflix via Wii. The kids have mainly encountered real TV in hotel rooms, and they remember it fondly. C was asking me today, "Could you set up the TV so that it has cartoons on Saturday morning like in the hotel?"

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