Monday, August 25, 2008


After 2-3 months of hiding indoors and letting my plants scorch, I returned to gardening this morning (it was about 89 degrees). I hoed the weeds in my herb garden while catching up with an auntie on my cell phone. D pitched in, too, tossing dirt into the air with wild abandon. Before going inside, D and I watered my basil plants and rosemary bushes. D loves watering plants. It was a bit hot, but it will be growing pleasanter and pleasanter. One of these days, D and I need to plant some radishes and carrots. Store bought carrots are nothing like fresh-pulled.

The landlord's guys cleaned the gutters today, too. They say that the mesh covers were installed improperly, which is why the gutters have been trapping a lot of leaf crud. Once we are homeowners, this will all be our responsibility.

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