Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Piggy bank

D's piggy bank arrived in the mail yesterday. C has long had a small, transparent piggy from the Container Store, but D's large pink plastic piggy (with a blue checked bow!) has filled her with longing. She would like one just like it, and barring that, she has been trying to get D to trade piggies with her. Knowing that D is bound to get the short end of any of these business transactions with his big sister, I've announced to the children that there will be no trading without prior parental approval.

C's attitude toward money and earning follows a predictable pattern. When she has no or very little money and her earning goal seems far away (for instance $8.50 to purchase a Disney Princess Color Wonder book), she wallows in the Slough of Despond and talks about how "hard" her math workbooks are or how hard it is to clean up the living room or her bedroom. However, once she has several dollars in her savings, she picks up momentum and buckles down, cleans rooms, and goes on a math workbook spree. She just spontaneously cleaned up the living room (earning one dollar) and she has $4.50 total. Her mood has definitely improved, and it would not surprise me at all if she were to earn the Princess book by either tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm curious when (if ever) she will start skipping the Slough of Despond phase of her earning and saving cycle.

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