Friday, August 8, 2008

Half moon

The moon was out during the day today, and my husband had his big red telescope out in the driveway. D had a look. He was disappointed that the telescope couldn't turn the half moon (all there was today) into a full moon.


Anonymous said...

I was out as well seeing the first 1/4 moon.

What kind of telescope do you guys have? How big is the appature?

I have a 4" Refractor and 6" SCT.

Do you have troubles with ambient light destroying the stars? We have a lot of street lights that just eat up the star light.

Or are you into Lunar Studies? I think the moon is just way cool. There are soo many features you can learn about.

Anonymous said...

Xantippe's husband here: We have an 8" Dobsonian (a 1980s Coulter Odyssey). There are nasty street lights that affect the backyard, but the front yard is better, as long as I cover up our front light (which can't be turned off). What is worse is the city's light pollution, which makes it impossible to see galaxies like M51, even if one gets a bit away from the direct streetlights. It doesn't seem to affect lunar and planetary viewing much.

Anonymous said...

Light pollution is just death around me.

Its so bad that as the Sun sets the twilight extends all around as the light from streets become more dominate.

Hence, I gave up on most of the deep sky objects and stuck to the moon and the big planets.

Is your family a member of local club?

I hear TX can have some great star parties.

xantippe said...

My husband isn't a formally a member of any clubs, but there is a local group that meets out at the swamp (OK, a "nature preserve") a bit outside town.

By the way, if you're going to be around, get yourself a handle. It's hard to warm up to an "anonymous," no matter how polite and well-informed.