Friday, August 22, 2008

Driver's license

We spent this afternoon at DPS. My husband's tweaks to my parallel parking recipe worked, and I passed my driving test.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Parallel parking will get easier. Until it does, here is a subversive tip, via a friend from US who was driving in England and found the whole thing just un-doable on the wrong side of the car: go in from the back, drive up onto the curb for about ten inches, then turn the wheel back to the street. You drop down off the curb perfectly placed.
Do not try this in front of a driving examiner...

MH said...

Congratulations. Don't make a habit of driving up the curb unless you enjoy having your alignment re-done every other month. There is very little parallel parking in real life.

Xantippe said...




Thanks! I am so glad that there isn't much in real life. After my test, my husband told me that the person immediately in front of me had wound up with two tires over the curb and onto the grass during their parallel parking test.