Sunday, August 10, 2008

Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I (1945)

No discussion of the personal costs of small-time farming is complete without quoting Betty MacDonald's The Egg and I. As newlyweds, she and her first husband started a small chicken farm in the wilds of western Washington, initially without either running water or electricity. The Egg and I tells their story, which is in some ways a chronicle of the toll "simple living" takes on womenfolk.

"Aunty Vida [a visitor] took another swallow of coffee, rinsed it around in her mouth as if it were an antiseptic, and said, "You have solved the problem of living! You have the answer to happiness! There are thousands of people in this bitter world who only hope some day to achieve by dint of hard work and sacrifice what you and bob have now!" It was nine o'clock in the morning, and Bob and I had been up since four and had not gone to bed the night before until after twelve. Aunty Vida was just having breakfast."

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