Sunday, July 27, 2008


We took the kids to see WALL-E this afternoon. It wasn't tip-top Pixar, but C has been talking about the film for some time, bought two different WALL-E coloring books, and has been reading out loud from them to D. I wonder how WALL-E (with its chubby, bottle sucking, immobile, infantile humans) affects concession sales. I got up mid-way for the obligatory syrupy movie theater iced mocha, but I probably should have asked for "cupcake in a cup." The romance between lonely WALL-E and the lovely but terrifying EVE is very nicely handled, and the scenes of WALL-E's working day on earth were very good. The spaceship scenes were OK, but unengaging.


scituate said...

I agree, not tip-top Pixar. I think Ratatouille still reigns supreme, followed by Incredibles.

xantippe said...

I think Meet the Robinsons compares very favorably to even the best Pixar productions. It's probably my favorite recent kids movie. It's visually lovely and morally edifying without being preachy, plus it's got a pleasingly complicated time-travel plot. There's no other children's movie I know of that does such a good job talking about the importance of forgiveness and persistence, or the value of academic work.