Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Third day of driving

The night after my first day of driving, I was having anxiety dreams involving laundry and huge insects. Fortunately, they haven't recurred, and my anxiety level is lower. Today we did a lot of driving just off-campus, lots of turns, four way stops, etc. We did some downtown driving (lots of one way streets), some rush hour traffic, some lane changes, and continued work on parallel parking. Incidentally, an informal, unscientific poll of two of my near connections says that neither parallel parks. I continue to be puzzled by the question of what lane I'm supposed to be in and anxious not to accidentally wind up driving against traffic on a one way street.

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MH said...

I can parallel park, but I'm very bad if space is tight. It's not a skill I need very frequently. And, I'm pretty sure that everybody has gone the wrong way on a one way street at least once.