Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Half past

The natives were getting restless this evening while my husband was away, so I made C a present of a Color Wonder princess poster set from my store. All too soon, she was done, and asking me for the Dover dinosaur stained glass coloring book in my store, also for free. All her workbooks were hard, she said. Finally, we settled on a Kumon Easy Telling Time workbook and she earned $3, which was enough when combined with the $3 she had before.

We finished up the section with full hours (1:00) and started the section with half hours (1:30). C has done some of this stuff at school, and she was very comfortable dealing with questions like, "If it's half past 1 now, what time will it be in half an hour?" or "If it's half past 1 now, what time was it half an hour ago?"

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