Monday, July 14, 2008

First official driving lesson

I had 90 minutes of in-car driving instruction today, mainly practicing right and left turns in a residential neighborhood. My reverse driving passed muster (thanks to grandpa's efforts a couple weeks ago) and I drove the whole way back. I just listened to the instructor and did what he said, so I'm not totally sure how I got home, but the route included some major roads, including a real highway. This was my first day. On the fourth day, I'll take the driving test. C's sixth birthday party is on the weekend.


driving courses said...

Congratulations on your first official driving lesson.
Good to see you're doing them in 90 minute sessions; much better than doing them in 60 minute sessions.
Good luck with your lessons...

Tex said...

I was amazed when I learned you did not drive; at first I thought you were kidding. Glad to learn of your progress. I hope you write about how learning to drive changes your lifestyle and/or outlook. I imagine it would give you a lot more flexibility and freedom.

Xantippe said...


I've been surprised by how much I liked driving long scenic stretches today. City driving (turn-turn-turn) is the pits, though.

I expect driving will give me back the freedom I had in places like Pittsburgh and DC. I'd go just about anywhere with one child, but even in DC, having two little kids really cut down my radius of activity--I wouldn't ever walk more than 45 minutes away from home with both kids, which meant that the three of us never left our NW DC neighborhood without my husband and I didn't get quite as much use out of the Smithsonian and the National Zoo as I should have our last couple years. If I named the neighborhood, you wouldn't feel sorry for me, though! In Texas, we live right off campus, so there are about five or six little coffee places in reach, a grocery store about nine blocks away, the campus bookstore, the university library, and a really excellent children's museum about a half an hour walk away. The big issue is school--without me driving, my husband has had to take our oldest to school, and I've been rather remiss with my volunteer hours at school. Also, major grocery shopping has been an ordeal. (We used to do Peapod in DC.)

My husband learned to drive a year ago, and we've really enjoyed family excursions. One of these days, we're going to go to the NASA complex around Houston (I'm somewhat vague on where the thing is), Crawford, and I'd really like to tour the Blue Bell plant. We've become big fans (so to speak).