Saturday, July 26, 2008

C's books

C has finished reading her Greek mythology book. We still need to work with her on the pronunciation of the names of Greek gods and heroes. This evening, my husband finished reading C (and me) E. Nesbit's The Enchanted Castle. I still think Five Children and It is the best of the Nesbit books that I've listened to, but I found it hard to tear myself away from The Enchanted Castle. Some statues of Greek gods come to life and talk to the children in the Nesbit book, so there is some overlap between it and the Greek mythology book. Once C was jammied up and had her teeth brushed, my husband took her and the big red telescope out in the back yard for some star gazing. C saw Jupiter with its four biggest moons, a globular cluster (M13), and three of the four stars in the Alcor-Mizar double-double system (middle of Big Dipper handle). I had my husband type that last bit!

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