Thursday, July 17, 2008


My husband took the kids to the circus tonight. Both kids had earned free tickets through the library's summer reading program, C through reading 5 books, and D through listening to 5 books. There were Siberian tigers, performing dachshunds, a French (or possibly "French") cyclist braving flames on a 6" bike, and other such things.

It was really hard to get the kids out the door to go to the show. Today, a box of children's books from my parent's house arrived, and C was immediately smitten with a fat collection of fairy tales that long ago as a somewhat bigger girl, I had bought from the library for 25 cents. C initially wanted to stay home and read rather than go to the circus, but she eventually took the book with her to read on the way. The last I heard, she had reached page 70. C has yet to finish a chapter book, so a collection of engaging stories may be exactly the right level for her.

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