Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Australia and Oceania

The really excellent local children's museum is running a summer program, with a series of day-long events highlighting different areas of the globe. The Africa day was spectacular, but we've only gone to the Africa and Australia/Oceania days. Today's schedule was to have included crafts, a critter talk, a hula dance lesson, a didgeridoo performance, a New Zealand arm tattoo, etc. Unfortunately, this very edifying plan wasn't realized. To begin with, the kids revolted at the critter talk, with C saying loudly that she'd been before, and that the critter talks are boring. D began yelping, and we had to leave. Kids 1, Xantippe 0. I eventually persuaded them to follow me to the didgeridoo performance. All was well, and we were waiting for the show to get going, when out of the blue, D started yelping again. We had to leave (again), and as we were making our exit, D said brightly, "Let's go to the big car room!" D did not get to go to the "big car room," but he'd had a very narrow escape from educational programming. I called my husband, who came and picked D up, and C and I stayed for a while. C decorated a couple of boomerangs, did several fish scratch-offs, got a tattoo and we saw the very end of the hula lesson, but we left a lot earlier than I had been planning to.

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