Thursday, June 19, 2008

We visit Africa

Yesterday was the kick-off for the local children's museum round-the-world summer program. Yesterday's focus was Africa. C and D and I arrived just after opening, the kids were issued passports and got a visa stamp. We spent basically all day at the museum. C colored a postcard with the South African flag, D made a bead bracelet, we saw a documentary on the underwater excavation of the remains of the great lighthouse at Alexandria, we looked at spears, did a vast Melissa and Doug watering hole puzzle, read a children's story about the invention of kente cloth, listened to a story-teller tell African folktales, watched a troupe of dancers from Mali perform, and then saw a documentary on the treasures of King Tut's tomb. I've just discovered Morocco and would have liked to see something on that country, but you can't have everything. Despite deafening drumming, D (who had missed his nap) fell asleep during the dance performance and slept through King Tut's treasures. C noticed a school friend in the crowd and sat with her through most of the dancing, while not shuttling back and forth to share information with me (They're going to King Tut, too!). It was gratifying to see the two little girls enjoying the show and each other's company. The two family parties sat together during the Tut documentary. At the end of it, when the credits stated that the documentary was available on DVD, C's chum said very feelingly, "I'd like the DVD!" "Me too!" said C with equal feeling. (And that sort of peer group, my friends, is why we pay the big bucks for private school.) D woke up after King Tut and howled non-stop at the prospect of either riding in the stroller or walking. He wanted to be carried all the way home, which was unfortunately 35 minutes away. There are many more of these events scheduled for the summer, and I think that Baby D should probably just go to the morning events, and then go home for his nap in the afternoon.

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