Friday, June 6, 2008

Timber! II

By the time I walked over to the gym last night, there were two vans of maintenance guys on the job. By 8:45 or so this morning, there was a guy out with a chainsaw on a pole (!) taking down the hanging tree trunk, and by 9:05 there was no sign of last night's incident on our side of the fence except for the gaping hole. Yay for large, well-equipped landlords! If we were Bob and Suzie Homeowner and had to deal with this with our own resources, I'm sure it would have dragged on for a week, not to mention obliterating our savings.

My husband and I agree that at our future home, we're going to want to limit the number of pecan trees we have. They seem really brittle. I don't think I've seen nearly so many large broken limbs under live oak trees, which have an appealing Middle Earth look.

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