Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three dragons

Yesterday, C assembled her big new stuffed red dragon, her old green plastic dragon, and the identical red plastic dragon (the latter two came as a painting kit that she earned as a prize long ago). The big red dragon is Smaug (that's the dragon from The Hobbit), one of the smaller dragons is Smoky, and after some deliberation, she decided to name the third one Smog (pronounced "smoke"--that's Polish for dragon, as she explained). Her actual play with the dragons was fairly domestic. She dressed the big one in a pink doll sleeper, put them all under blankets in a basket, and then aged them to 5, at which point they no longer had to wear baby clothes. Eventually the dragons were mounted on the large, flat wheeled Lego vehicles that the kids call "tanks." There was a kerfuffle this morning when Baby D indignantly rejected C's partition of his room, half for the dragons, half for him.

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