Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Learner's permit

Last night I did the mommy equivalent of an all-nighter (two hours after bedtime) studying my Texas driving handbook. I queried my husband on the murkier passages and searched the book for answers to the 84 questions at the back. This morning, I went to the Driver's License office, took the test, scored 95%, and got my very first learner's permit. After we picked up Baby D from preschool, I went to the local driving school and signed up for their typical package, which is 4 90-minute driving sessions. The last session includes the road test. I asked the lady who was signing me up what their pass-rate is, and she said 95%. What about the other 5%, I asked. Anyone who wants to drive can pass, she said. This didn't help much. What if, deep down in my heart, I don't want to drive? More comfortingly, my husband had a similar conversation with his driving instructor when he was going through the process. His instructor's answer was that his only failure had been someone from a former British colony, who kept driving on the left side of the road. They recommend doing four days of instruction in a row, and it looks the teacher I want won't be available until the end of June.


MH said...

You'll do fine on the test. My grandma didn't learn to drive until past retirement age and she passed easily after lessons. You won't actually have learned how to drive until you've had your license for a while.

Xantippe said...

Thanks! My husband has had about a year on the road, and seems to have really improved in that time. My main qualms are depth perception and not mowing down cyclists and pedestrians, not to mention safely ferrying the kids back and forth to school.