Saturday, June 21, 2008

Have I gone too far?

Tidying up this evening, I came upon some pages I had ripped out of my favorite home magazines. Dwell is on a big sustainability push, and I'd ripped out a page devoted to explaining how geothermal systems work, as well as a page devoted to high-end composting toilets. Is this a bridge too far?

We also got our very first copy of the Room & Board catalogue in the mail this week. The furniture looks great and very solid and I would happily buy stuff from them. We've been IKEA people for years, and I'd like to move on up when we buy our first home, but the thought of paying top dollar for particle board, laminate, and microscopic veneers offends me. I'd also priced furniture at Homestead Heritage and found their stuff appealing, but out of our range. So it's nice to see that there is a middle road between IKEA and custom furniture made with 19th century tools. (By the way, I see that both architecture and modern furniture are items on the infamous "Stuff White People Like" list over at Fair enough.)

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