Friday, May 16, 2008

Xantippe gets a bike

This morning my husband zipped over to Walmart and got me the retro-looking La Jolla bike with coaster brakes that I picked out earlier. It's aluminum, weighs 28.5 pounds, and I can lift it with one hand. My husband inflated the tires and greased it up and now it's ready to go. C needs one more training session and I need a bike helmet and then we can hit campus. We'd also better go to a bike shop and make inquiries about safe riding options within range of campus. I can see a bike rack coming on. The hilly wilderness park (with 20 miles of trails, rated from beginner to expert) may be too challenging for us, but there's also supposed to be a bike path near the lake. We'll probably get D his first bike for his 4th birthday next spring, and my husband should probably have one, too. At this rate, I see an SUV coming on!

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