Saturday, May 24, 2008

We give up and turn on the AC--Hurrah!

Later this afternoon, it was 90 degrees outside and 86 degrees inside and my productivity went to zero and both C and I were getting cranky. I walked to the store and was fine--it's just high indoor temperatures that I find unbearable. We gave up and turned on the AC. It's now nearly 9 PM and a chilly 79.7 degrees inside and 84.7 outside. We'll keep an eye on the thermometer and turn off the AC and open the windows when the outdoors gets to a nice temperature. Hopefully, if we do a better job and start tomorrow with nice cool air, we'll be able to husband it better this time. I think I could be very happy and productive between 82-83 degrees. And we should make sure to keep watermelons at home and keep making juice popsicles.

Oh, and we got me a bike helmet today.

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