Sunday, May 18, 2008

Optical Art

C went on an academic rampage yesterday and earned $5, mostly doing dry-erase letter writing and arithmetic. Combining that with one dollar from her savings, she bought a $6 Dover Optical Art book from mommy's store. I don't have any cheap items left in my store now, and I'm down to a $7 book of Cars posters, a gorgeous red and gold stuffed dragon for $8, a $10 flower fairy scratch-off book, and a fat $13 coloring book with hundreds of stickers. C says she is going to do 50 pages of work and earn the $10 flower fairy scratch-off. Wow. She tends to earn in fits and starts, so I wouldn't be surprised if she went ahead and did it. She's done several pages of the optical art book already. Her coloring isn't ideal, but her color choices are perfectly symmetrical.

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