Saturday, May 24, 2008

May without AC

When we lived further north, it seemed like we would go immediately from running the heating to running the AC. This is the end of our first year in Texas, and we have found that there is a long shoulder season when you don't need either. That is delightful, but we are reaching the end of May and time is running out. Last summer we were paying about $400 a month to cool a 2000 square foot house to about 80 degrees, and I'd like to delay that as long as possible. My current goal is to make it until the beginning of June, but we shall see.

My husband got back from a five-day retreat yesterday and this morning he set up the neat remote thermometer his parents gave us. We've now got a thermometer mounted on a tree outside, and a thermometer inside that shows both the indoor and the outdoor reading. It's now just past 10 AM, the dryer's running (unfortunately), I've got just about all the lights off, we've got a bunch of windows open, the three ceiling fans in the bedrooms running, the outdoor temperature is overcast and 82.8 (I got up and now it's 83.1) and the indoor temperature is 83.5 and very sticky. The house is probably 45-years-old, very dark in spots (no windows in the dining room!), with eight-foot ceilings, decent eaves and a chunky floorplan not conducive to air flow. I'm just wondering what we do next--at what point is the air flow from outside no longer worth it? If it gets to be 85 indoors and out, do we give up then?

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