Saturday, May 31, 2008

Math is hard, Barbie said

C has been avoiding her math workbooks, saying they're hard, and sticking to word-writing exercises. On the other hand, my husband was working with her on her math today orally, and she did very well. He introduced the subject of negative numbers, and she readily computed the answer to 327-328. To me she volunteered that 3004 plus 3004 is 6008. She knew the answer to 7 times 10, but didn't know the answer to 10 times 7.

My husband and I had a pedagogicheskii sovet this evening on C's Kumon math workbooks. He thinks they are all too easy, with the exception of the addition one, the subtraction one, the telling time one, and the second coin counting one. The coin counting one is the only one C has worked with much so far, and it's currently in hiatus, thanks to her repeated claims that it's "too hard." I think she should be able to easily manage the beginning of both the addition and subtraction books and the rest of the coin counting book, but it may take a while to get her going. We have decided to increase the carrot offered for these more difficult workbooks. Instead of 5 pages for a dollar, we'll offer 4 pages for a dollar.

This academic focus may seem really mean of us, but C has really been at loose ends ever since summer break started. No matter how many fun activities we organize every day, it never seems to be enough. So, now it's time for housework and academics. (I told the kids yesterday that we wouldn't leave for the children's museum until they picked up the living room, and lo, they picked it up.)

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