Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Outing to Homestead Heritage

My husband, D, some relatives, and I finally made a day trip to Homestead Heritage today. Homestead Heritage is a large commune, well known for woodworking. We saw their pottery building, the woodworking building (where a class was underway), the ironworks, a water-powered flour mill, a petting farm, and assorted poultry. They have a complicated rainwater capture system to make up for the fact that groundwater is 1200 feet underground. Their furniture is eye-wateringly expensive (Pottery Barn and up), but we had a very nice lunch at their deli and I got some more sweet basil seeds, some Thai basil seeds, a lavender plant, and garlic chives, as well as a small booklet from Homestead Heritage on herb cultivation. I also finally got my very first hoe at Walmart today, which means that the weeds currently occupying half the flower bed are doomed. There were a few other plants at Walmart that I'd like to get (like oregano), but that can wait.

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