Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Since my dad is colorblind, I'm a carrier, and we've been anxiously monitoring D to see if he has it, since colorblindness disqualifies you for a long list of professions. D seemed very slow at learning his colors, but he is pretty good at color identification right now and keeps us guessing. My husband thinks that he may be memorizing the socially accepted colors for various objects. More evidence for colorblindness came this evening when I asked him what color a red brick wall was. "Red," said D. There was a pause. "Reddish-green."


Anonymous said...

I have been kept out of exactly ONE job in my whole life (I'm 58). That was a job in a cannery - go figure, I guess they wanted me to alert them if green tomatoes were coming down the line. I never wanted to be a pilot, mind you, but it hasn't been a problem. dave.s.

xantippe said...

That's good to hear. My husband was telling me that color blind pilots have a pretty good web presence. Apparently, you need to make sure to take the right version of the aviation test.

Thanks for dropping by!