Sunday, July 24, 2016

He's back!

My husband is back after a business trip to the far north.  He left the day after C's birthday, so I just wasn't thinking past the birthday.  Some discoveries:

  • I'd better have a plan for any future summer business trips, because the kids' disparate sizes and interests, the awful heat outside, etc., having 5 days of nothing planned is a mistake.  We needed more exercise and intellectual life for the kids, more of a schedule.  (I hadn't run into this before, because normally when my husband is on the road, we have school or it's not so hot.)
  • C did work for a friend hanging pictures and D and Baby T had some water play there, too.  (Baby T's diaper was MASSIVE by the end of it.)
  • I think Baby T didn't do too badly, but she had parents' day out.  She did so much Play Doh, so much paper snipping and so much painting.
  • Also, just running house things by myself and managing Baby T consumes a lot of my bandwidth.
  • C is able to use the elliptical machine--she did that at least once.  D has been trying our recumbent bike.
  • C also did six days in a row of ukulele practice and a little playing today.  C normally does 4-6 practices a week, but six in a row is very unusual.  
  • So, now that I write this stuff out, a lot of stuff happened, but it didn't really fill the days up.
  • Also, there was a lot of Star Trek watching.  

Free market failure

Whyyyyy isn't there a Finding Nemo or Finding Dory Play Doh set?

Passive voice

Baby T has been complaining that her different colors of Play Doh "got mixed up" so I need to order her new Play Doh.

C and I have been pointing out to Baby T that she mixed them up.

I expect I'll buy her some more eventually, especially once she gets the Fun Factory press from my prize shelf.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


The ukulele cookie cutter and the ukulele tea towel that I ordered arrived.  The cookie cutter is your basic cookie cutter.  The tea towel is huge and so charming (the title is "Ukulele Convention") that it has crossed my mind that it would be really cute to hang.  But mine is living in my kitchen drawer...

Friday, July 22, 2016

Inside Out

Baby T just drew a picture of Disgust, the character from Inside Out (basically, some lines).  She had me add a "D."

Thursday, July 21, 2016


Here's some of what's happening:

  • C is 14 as of this week!  So big!
  • We had a skate/laser tag party for her and invited all the girls from her (small) class.  There were a lot of people traveling but we invited some younger siblings and wound up with a party of (I think) 13 children, including our 3.
  • C got quite a haul of Barnes & Noble cards.  I'm going to take her to the store real soon...
  • We got her a manual for a Klingon war ship (she was so excited!), one of those little Star Wars cartoon books depicting the characters as kids, a cake decorating book (which was the subject of some angst), an MP3 player (which turned out to get really hot when plugged into the computer--so we're getting a more expensive one), and what turned out to be a badly done knockoff Deep Space 9 t-shirt.  Grandma and grandpa got her nice scissors and a large swim torpedo for the pool.  I also got her sushi from the grocery store on her actual b-day and a My Little Pony mylar balloon.  My husband also baked and frosted a minty version of the Hershey's two-layer cake recipe with mini York patties in between the layers.   
  • My husband will transfer some of her on-CD songs to the new MP3 player when we get it.  We are also going to give C $20 in credit to buy songs.
  • C also finished reading War and Peace.
  • She has also been enjoying Pokemon Go.
  • Baby T drew a spider!  She has been enjoying water colors a lot!
  • No camp this week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Play Doh cupcakes

I got Baby T a little Easy Bake 6-cavity cupcake tin for her to make Play Doh cupcakes in.

It is a big success.

I have never had a child who was as into Play Doh play as Baby T is, but I am keeping her well-supplied with good Play Doh.  We have some pink sparkly stuff coming real soon...